March 8, 2014

Well, it's about time I started... do you ever feel that way? I am not even sure where to start, as this week alone has been an outstanding week of progress for both Soil of the Soul and Nomadic Green House Project.


Tonight I'm on my way to lead a discussion at Adath Jeshurun Congregation on "The Permaculture of Judaism" comparing the 12 principles of Permaculture with concepts in Judaic texts for Adath's Etz Chayim Initiative (Sustainability Committee.) Tomorrow's services will see an expert on worms (thank you Chris Luhman!) as well as a workshop on Reducing Your Eco-Footprint, learning about the gardens at the Gan Shelanu daycare, and  I'll offer the congregation tips on planning a kitchen garden. More info HERE.


I do love to teach :) That said,...


I started teaching for SLP Community Education this last month and I think the students' comments mean they are loving learning as much as I'm loving teaching! I have more classes coming up to help prepare and plan for your edible gardens, but I learned the most at the U of MN's Organic Garden, Cornercopia, in their "Walking the Garden" series, so I'll be offering that same class every other week over the 26-week growing season~~where one can learn about seeding, planting, weeding, fertilizing, pest control, composting inside and out, mushroom logs, harvesting, processing, storing, prepping the beds for the coming season, and more! Check out the Community Ed classes HERE.


I'll also be teaching through the growing season at SLP's Kids Place daycare and after school care program, at both Lennox and Central Community Centers, as well as for the 6-weeks of SLP's Park Playground Program, creating new gardens in four of the city's parks! Try to check out each one, for each has its own theme and philosophy of growing, from Square Foot Gardens to SPIN, Polycultures, and even a FOOD FOREST garden at Westwood Hills Nature Center! That should be FUN!


How did all of this come about, you ask? Well, when I get around to making the docu-series about it all, you can catch up on how it started... But, you'll have to sign up for my blog to make sure you get notification that the videos are online!


Let's see, what else? OH!!  FOTA (Friends of the Arts, St. Louis Park) is once again showcasing its "OUR TOWN" season of exhibits and events with the theme for 2014 as "Nature and Art!" Well our Edible Playgrounds are certainly going to be works of art, and all our new city gardens will be a focus, hosting many musicians, artists and performers of all types of the arts throughout the growing season (May-October.)


If you'd like to exhibit your art, or TEACH an art in the garden, PLEASE send me what and when, and if you live in St. Louis Park, where, so I can assign a garden near your own neighborhood.

Send your proposal to me, HERE.


OH! I almost forgot the HUGEST DEAL!!! NOT a deal for you to buy!!


No, this is for those who live, work or study in St. Louis Park... It's a study being conducted through a grant to the city from Blue Cross Blue Sheild to determine what the city's occupants and workers would like to see to improve the health of those within the city! It's called "HEALTH IN THE PARK INITIATIVE" and they want to hear everyone's opinion as they make suggestions to the city, and then apply to BCBS for the next step of implementation of these healthful and audacious goals "to make St. Louis Park the healthiest city on the planet!!!" While the city-wide discussions have passed, it doesn't mean you can't speak up, and YOUR VOICE WILL COUNT! To find out more about the initiative, click HERE.


My particular issue is the initiative to "IMPROVE FOOD AND FOOD EDUCATION" in the schools and all city parks, playgrounds and civic centers. If you'd like to support that, please sign my petition to the city and school district, HERE.


Well, I think I've already overwhelmed myself, if not you, gentle reader (shoutout to Miss Manners!) so for now, I'll stop blogggggginnnnggggg... I told you I didn't know where to start! But, I'm thinking this is a good place to end before I get going on the next list of "DID YOU KNOW's..."


Oh, actually, ONE MORE THING! If you plan to garden this summer with edibles, you should know about the best place to get great seeds and transplants is "GARDENING MATTERS!" While there is NOT YET a Hub in St. Louis Park or in the Western Suburbs, you can still become a member and get a LOT of seeds and transplants for a GREAT DEAL! (I don't get anything from you becoming a member or buying, I'm simply passing along this amazing deal and hoping that if enough Western Suburb folks sign their garden up on the directory, that we can get our own hub here in St. Louis Park...!)  If you are going to garden edibles, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and SAVE if you join this organization, along with opportunities to learn more about gardening from local experts!)


Ok, now it's time to ready myself for my discussion tonight. Wish me luck!


And, feel free to contact me through my website, Thanks for reading this much if you got this far!!! Wow... Did I actually check this off my list?!?!?


Shine your light!

With love and gratitudes,





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