Earth Week Day 5 - Nutrition & Beyond

10 Reasons to grow your own food: 

1. Homegrown Vegetables Taste Better.

2. You Can Grow More Varieties in Your Garden.

3. No Chemical Pesticides.

4. Reduced Danger of Food Contamination.

5. You will Eat Fresh, In-Season Vegetables.

6. Gardening Provides Outdoor Exercise.

7. You will Waste Less Food when You Garden.

8. Gardening Saves Money at the Grocery Store.

9. Growing a Vegetable Garden Contributes to Your Food Security.

10. Gardening Makes You Feel Good. Many gardeners will tell you that the food grown in their garden just tastes better than store-bought, but it is proven that freshly harvested produce IS more flavorful, and has more nutrients. Generally, commercially grown food has to be harvested before it reached full maturity, or it is bred for appearances (less blemishes, etc..) so that when it gets to the grocery store it is beautiful and more people are willing to buy it. But allowing produce to mature on the plant helps its nutrients fully develop, and when you breed for appearances, inevitably you are losing some things as well.  Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can get more organic, locally produced produce. In Minnesota we have MANY Farmers Markets, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) options, co-ops, Imperfect Produce & Misfit Market subscription boxes. The possibilities are endless! 

Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen! 

This list is updated each year by the Environmental Working Group. The Dirty Dozen are considered the 12 vegetables and fruits that have been found to contain the highest traces of pesticides used in commercial farming. Along with that list, they have found the Clean Fifteen, which have the lowest traces. They recommend that you should buy the Dirty Dozen organically, and the Clean Fifteen you could go either way. 

You can read more about it here

Here is a video that our former intern, Jesse Lagoo made. She is currently working as a Nutrition Educator with WIC, and frequently talks with parents about how to get your "Picky Eater" to eat better. Here she is giving some tips for you! 

The SLP SEEDS team also made some cooking demos for some fun and interesting foods to try! 

Caleb Mesick, former Intern, current Board Member & Apprentice making Vegan Jambalaya

Chef Patrick, advisory Board Member, making Aquafaba Ranch dressing for your protein rich salads.

Melanie Shibley, Former apprentice, current Board Member Making Tempeh

Sharon Lehrman, Current Board member, shared a video that she make for her daughter-in-laws YouTube channel a few years ago making Tuscan Poached Eggs


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