Earth Week Day 3 Continued... Vermicompost

Vermicompost is another wonderful way you can reduce your waste in the kitchen. 

Vermicompost is the product of earthworm digestion and aerobic decomposition. It produces a rich, organic soil amendment that many gardeners call "black gold". There are many benefits to vermicomposting at home, but our top 3 are: 

1. Diverting organic waste

2. Creating resources from waste materials - getting to use the worm poo for our garden! 

3. Using them for teaching kids

The worms' poop, which normally collects on the bottom of a worm stand, is filled with wonderful plant nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.  

Here are some videos and links so you can make your own bin at home, or order one from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm.

With enough interest, SLP SEEDS can become a distributor again and start a worm web in SLP (so let us know if you're interested)!


And some videos to make your own bin at home: 


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