SLP SEEDS is incredibly grateful for the businesses, people and entities that have supported us throughout the years, we couldn't be where we are today without your support. 

Thank you so much! 


"SLP SEEDS has demonstrated again and again their passion and expertise to continue to bring healthy eating and wellness education to our community. I am so grateful for the work they have done and continue to do." 

- L.E MS, RDN, LD, St. Louis Park Health in the Park Better Eating Champion

"The deep and immersive work SEEDS does with its diverse cohort of interns is a unique approach that should be applauded. They are training the next generation of climate change leaders, and urban farmers which is of the utmost importance at this moment in our collective history. Beyond that, by using the common uniter of food they create partnership and relationships with multiple communities throughout the city strengthening ties between those of different backgrounds." 

- D.G, City of St. Louis Park

"We deeply appreciate the role of SLP SEEDS in engaging the community in sustainable gardening and healthy culinary practices that are available to all ages and backgrounds." 


"The SLP SEEDS program is designed to develop a healthy lifestyle for the residents by getting them involved with planting the garden, watching it be tended to, nurturing the vegetables, and reaping the benefits of harvesting and cooking up the delicious dishes! It is this group's dedication to work with the residents and encourage them to learn about healthy living habits that will benefit all that participate." 

- A.D, Diversified Equities Corporation


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