Normally an in-person 10-day (all-day) course, we are working to provide it either in person or online. Whichever would dictate the number of hours, however our instructor, Rob Czernik, has agreed for online students, each would get time to discuss personal projects over the 10 weeks.




Classes will be held every other weekend for five weekends, online, with potential in person opportunities:

DATES TBD (Most likely starting in August) 

Usually, Friday evenings before are community building meals or gatherings, so please hold those evenings prior to each weekend we meet available, too.


Normally, tuition for this PDC runs $900-1200 per student.

For St. Louis Park residents, we have at least five full scholarships, and up to 15 partial scholarships for SLP residents, and possibly others outside St. Louis Park. 


Please fill out the extra questions if you are applying for full or partial scholarships. We are still shaping this program per COVID, and will let folks know in early May what our decisions and outcomes are per restrictions and funding.


DUE TO LARGER INTEREST THAN WE EXPECTED, this is an application and if there are more than 20, we will have to choose either by date applied or other criteria such as adult vs youth, or number of scholarships, or other such choices. We will let each person know individually. YOU MAY BE REQUESTED TO INTERVIEW.



Instructor: Rob Czernik (Lead course facilitator) has been involved in urban farming and social movements in Minneapolis for over two decades.
He graduated from PRI-Cold Climate’s inaugural Urban Farmer Certification in 2012, studied permaculture with Wayne Weisman in 2013, both with SLP SEEDS Founder, Julie Rappaport, plus he earned his most recent Teacher Training Certificate with Jude Hobbs in July of 2018.
As the course facilitator, he brings a diverse and eclectic mix of instructors and classroom sites to this Urban PDC course, and focuses on the intersectionality of food and social change.
Rob is the owner of Powderhorn Feed Co., which provides whole grain feed and education to urban chicken keepers.
With Bill Busse and Leslie Kaup of the Center for Deep Ecology, he co-founded the he co-founded the Gathering of the Guilds Midwest Permaculture Convergence, a yearly community created permaculture event. 
He has mentored under Dan Halsey, and his influences include the work of Pandora Thomas, Rosemary Murrow, Jude Hobbs, and David Holmgren.
“I couldn’t have asked for a better way to be introduced to the possibility of permaculture as a tool for social and personal transformation. Big River’s Urban PDC brought together the practical and the visionary, the innovative and the inspirational. Recommended for anyone who wants to enact change for the greater good.”- CW 2013 PDC Participant

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