Meet our 2019 Interns

Jessica Lagoo

Urban Agriculture, Nutrition Education & Non-profit Administration

Jessie is a 2019 university of Minnesota nutrition graduate with a passion for food equality and garden based learning. She loves reading with her dog (Bambi) by her feet, finding new ways to make less waste, and being outside. She is an aspiring future Appalachian Trail thru hiker, even though she’s never even done an overnight hike before.


This summer Jessie is looking forward to working with and meeting new people every day and learning more about plants and equality. She’s also looking forward to teaching her dog some new tricks!

Zoe Frank

Urban Agriculture, Art & Design

 Zoe is a Junior at the St Louis Park High School. She is a leader in their environmental club, Roots N Shoots, and is also on the Environmental and Sustainability Commission with the city. She loves being outside, drawing, writing and working with the environment. 

She is excited to learn more about food equity and sustainable agriculture so she can use that in her future. 

Amina Omar

Urban Agriculture & Community Garden Organizer

Amina was born in Nairobi, Kenya but moved to Minnesota when she was still a baby, she has lived in St Louis Park for 5 years.She is currently in 7th grade, and enjoys reading, Taekwondo, basketball, soccer and competitive swimming.

After helping out in the community garden a little last year, she's excited to deepen her knowledge of the full life cycle of a plant, and get to take care of them for the whole season. 

Caleb Mesick

Urban Agriculture & Non-profit Administration

Caleb is a graduate from St Louis Park High School. Currently, he is at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. Still undecided for his degree. 

Caleb joined SLP SEEDS because he is interested in sustainability and food equity. He is passionate about helping the community be more educated on where food comes from and advocating for more sustainable practices. For fun, Caleb enjoys being outdoors, thrifting clothes and is a lover of food and cooking. 

Victoria Martinez

Food Advocacy and Film & Media

Victoria is a senior at St Louis Park High school. In her Junior year, she managed the high school's Birdfeeder food shelf program. She also runs track and plays in the schools orchestra. 

She joined SLP SEEDS because she believes in promoting healthy eating and creating changes in communities that are suffering from inequalities of nutritious food distribution. CLICK HERE TO SEE VICTORIA's PERSONAL STORY ON HUNGER.

Mustafa Abdi

Urban Agriculture & Media

Mustafa is our youngest intern this year and is currently in 6th grade. He had a lot of fun coming into the garden last year and wants to learn how to take care of plants properly. 

He enjoys playing soccer and basketball. He likes books but not reading, he enjoys running, doing math and sleeping. 

Melanie Shibley

Urban Agriculture Apprentice 

Melanie is a licensed 9-12 Life Science educator who lives in St. Louis Park. She obtained a love of gardening early in life from her grandparents, gained an appetite for addressing inequality and environmental justice during her time at UW Madison studying Zoology, and fostered a sense of stewardship for the environment during her time as a member of the USGS National Wildlife Health Center. She later went back to school to become a biology teacher and share her love of the natural world to high school students.

She joined SLP SEEDS as a Board Member and Apprentice in 2019, and is elated to be able to put her teaching background, passion for food/environmental justice, and love of gardening together.

Thorwald Anderson

Urban Agriculture & Non-profit Administration

Thor is in 11th grade at St. Louis Park High School. He plays Oboe in the school's band, and is interested in science, especially environmental science. He is also very interested in languages, and is learning German and Norwegian. He is a leader of his school's environmental club, Roots N' Shoots. Thor is now a Jr. Board Member with SLP SEEDS. 

Thor has been interested in gardening for years, and joined SLP SEEDS to learn more about gardening and growing food and an urban environment. He was interested in the connections between urban agriculture and environmental, as well as community sustainability and prosperity. 

Sumaya Omar

Urban Agriculture & Food Advocacy

Sumaya is in 6th grade this year, she has been living in St Louis Park for 5 years. She helped out in the gardens last year and hopes to learn how to grow plants herself. 

She enjoys doing different art projects, like painting & drawing, enjoys doing math, Taekwondo, and playing Basketball & Tennis

Johan Dominguez Lopez

Urban Agriculture & Non-profit Administration

Johan started gardening 5 years ago and his passion for it has only grown since. He is a Junior at Benilde-St. Margaret, and loves to play Ultimate Frisbee. He says it's the best sport and no one can deny it. He has volunteered with Bricks to Bread (, and recently went on a mission trip to Costa Rica to help build a women's & historical center as well as a brick oven.

He is passionate about sustainability and not damaging the earth more than it is. Eventually, he would like to have a self-sustained farm or become an engineer.

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