Goal #1: 

Operation Salad Drop 

​Phase One April-June, 2020

Immediately move resources to address fresh food needs for vulnerable households and those experiencing food insecurity for the first time due to COVID19. Staff time allotment is being redirected to 60% COVID19 response to coordinate volunteers readying/distributing 100-200 FREE DIY Salad Baskets Kits for vulnerables (or for sale to those who can afford to pay it forward and cover expenses for those unable to afford.) We are also seeding extra crops for delivery to households as temperatures warm.


We will seed enough greens to produce 200 DIY Salad Kits for people to easily grow on their kitchen counter. Each kit has two planters delivered, one already to start harvesting and the second planter to start seeding and watch the beginning of the process while eating from the first. As the first stops producing, the second has already begun producing harvest. The first is left with two plants to go to seed for future replications of the project, while reseeding the rest of the planter for a continuous harvest. We will also seed enough warm and hot crops to deliver at least 400 seed packets and/or garden/ container kits with a variety of crops included. In past, we've often been told by parents that through their children, they have learned to try new fruits and vegetables and recipes they would never have experienced. The children loved being able to take home food they've grown and many parents had to start small gardens to quiet their children’s’ pleas.

Goal #2: 


Phase Two May-October, 2020

We will provide at least 200 seed packets of mixed variety per order to households or community gardeners and at least 400 45” fabric garden containers of plants for patios or small spaces. We aim to triple our output of free produce donations to 3,000# in 2020. We are enlisting more households to GROW AN EXTRA ROW for their neighbors in need, and we will create a database of who is growing what to share and who needs what in order to efficiently provide as much fresh food as possible within our community.

We will deliver plants (and plant them for those who cannot) for in-ground plantings and/or in containers for small spaces like patios. Phase Two will also see ramped up online educational classes and resources (including free seeds, seedlings, plants, harvest and free lessons online on how to grow your own food for self-sufficiency,) as well as how to engage with neighbors in bartering and the Ethics of Permaculture: Care for People, Care for Earth, Share the Surplus. Grow an Extra Row and Reduce the Waste! are two initiatives we support. We'll be creating more educational videos for people, and for those not able to watch, we're working on a hotline set up.

Goal #3:

Equitable SLP Food Action Plan 

Phase Three 

July 2020-April 2021

More distributions = more and deeper relationships built with those in need of food security. We have petitioned the city and school district for several years for an ESLPFAP to prepare specifically for disasters but also to build community capacity and resilience in the face of climate changes and income and health disparities that were already present. Greater communications with the growing number of disadvantaged will support development and implementation of a Community-Driven ESLPFAP.

We will continue the behind the scenes work of the actual Equitable SLP Food Action Plan to make sure episodes such as COVID19 do not catch our community unprepared, and that our plan has included our most vulnerable voices' needs and desires in its planning and execution. If we're able to congregate, we'll hold our community harvest festival and prepare for the winter. Whether COVID19 returns or not, our community will be better prepared.


How will this project provide hunger relief for vulnerable populations?

SLP SEEDS' highest goal is to eliminate hunger through sustainable practices that not only lift but also support our neighbors and our planet. 


THROUGH COVID, SLP SEEDS highest goal remains to eliminate hunger.


Watch the Salad Kit Demo & Harvesting videos here

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